Retailers and Other Vendors of Photographic Supplies

The major marketplace for photographic equipment is the retail marketplace. Many large and small retail outlets offer strong online catalogs and phone operations. Before using any retailer, we recommend you check out the ratings on Reseller Ratings because there are several well known unscrupulous operators who offer seemingly low prices but who unbundle kits, and then try to make their profit in putting the batteries, chargers and other normally included items back into the order.

Retail plus Mail Order/Web Order Houses

Abe's of Maine • Online, phone sales plus retail store outlet. All the usual lines of cameras and video plus consumer electronics. More focused on consumer products than pro, still offers good selection of DSLRs, lenses, flashes.

Adorama Camera • NYC based Adorama carries a wide range of cameras, photographic and video equipment, supplies and related goods. Also has a rental department.

B&H • NYC based B&H carries a very wide range of photographic equipment, video equipment, supplies, accessories and related goods. One of the top retailers and a good site for reference prices. Also carries used equipment.

Beach Camera • Edison, NJ based retailer sells cameras and video along with wider line of consumer electronics. Camera lines focus on Canon, Pentax, Minolta, Nikon and Olympus as well as third party lenses for these lines. • sells digital photography equipment as one of a wide range of consumer electronic lines. In the photo line it sells in an online catalog digital SLRs and point and shoot cameras, lenses, and accessories.

Calumet Photo • not only retails a wide range of photographic equipment, including cameras and lenses, lighting, studio equipment, computer software and hardware and film and supplies.

Cambridge World • offers all manner of photographic and optical goods: new and used cameras and lenses, sutdio equipment, lighting, darkroom equipment, and supplies.

Digi Combos • Digital SLRs and video packages in pre-made combinations of useful equipment. Package sale specialists.

The Flash Centre • UK based lighting specialty retailer offers pro lines of strobes, continuous lights, speed lights and lighting accessories.

Focus Camera • In addition to selling a wide range of digital photography equipment, also offers many other consumer electronics and optical specialties.

FotoCare • NYC based FotoCare is a consultative vendor, providing camera and computer equipment, printers, and training. Digital specialists.

FotoConnection • Digital cameras and lenses, televisions, home theatre systems, computers - a typical electronics super vendor.

HP Marketing Corp. • Products for the professional and advanced amateur photographer: memory card storage, large format cameras, ballhead tripod tops, and othe specialized products. • a photographer's marketplace, sells new and used photographic equipment, and also purchases high quality used camera equipment. Also offers repairs. • sells digital photography equipment along with a wide range of other consumer electronic lines. In the photo line it sells in an online catalog digital SLRs and point and shoot cameras, lenses, and accessories.

RTS Photo • Distributors and mail order sale of a limited range of specialty products including Noblex Panorama Cameras, bags and puches, tripods, boom mounted lighting, special tripod heads and other items.

Samy's Camera • Digital video and camera plus consumer electronics. All the usual brands and third party lenses plus lighting, media, printers. Also offers rentals.

Unique Photo • Camera superstore in Fairfield, NJ also sells by phone and online. Very wide line of products including high end, studio items, software, film, and more.

Used Equipment Buyers

Used Camera Buyer • offers quotes for used equipment. Buys a wide range of used camera equipment.