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Photography is an amazingly broad activity. The business of photography is almost as diverse as photography itself. For you who have chosen to take this activity further, to turn your skill into a source of income, even to a livelihood, there are many opportunities and many resources for learning and improving.

Lower Cost Stock attmpts to pull resources together in one place, especially for the aspiring professional and the professional new to the business. In the first place, Lower Cost Stock will build a directory of web resources of interest to photographers. I have been experimenting with different platforms to expand the vision of this site and have finally got a WordPress site in place which goes a long way toward where I want the next step to be. For a collection of free photos and other resources, visit Stock Photo Showcase. I've recently hired a model for a shoot and should have some free “model released” photos in an Americana theme available soon. Look it over and leave some comments to let me know how I should further develop that site.


Developments with this growing internet photo network

Photos Moved!

All photos now at network site “Stock Photo Showcase

As these sites continue to sort themselves out, we have moved all our photo collection to sister site “Stock Photo Showcase” - and have put in an order for further development of that site to allow other photographers to add their photos. This is a big step for us and we hope you will find more photos and might even contribute. Stay Tuned.

Photoshoot with a Model

New photos available from a shoot with a model

We are pleased and excited to present our first photo session with a professinal model. In late October, photographer Joe Mann had an extended session with Craig Lamont to create a body of Americana stock photography for Stock Photo Showcase, our repository for free stock photography. In addition to Joe, Bob Strawn also contributed some photos and the article we've placed on this site on do's and don'ts when working with a model.

The photo session provided quite a few photos of the model with American flags, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials and the US Capitol. In these shots, Craig appears in suit and tie, overcoat and overcoat with a hat. This session has an explicit photo release so these photos can be used in a much wider range of applications than many of the photos in our free stock collection.

Joe adds: “This was my first experience working with a model. Craig is a real professional and helped me get the kind of useful Washington DC sights I wanted to include. I learned a lot and hope that in the future I can take the lessons of this shoot to improve my results. I'm really still just learning about my camera - a Nikon D80 and lenses – which are just a little quirky, so some of the pictures are not of the quality that one might wish for, but this shoot really helped me figure a lot of that out.”

Indeed some of the shots are a little washed out, but we have tried to make a large selection available at no cost. You will find them all under the Subjects->People->Craig category at Stock Photo Showcase.


Photography Resources on the Web

Web Resources

The internet is rich in resources valuable to the photographer, including manufacturer sites, distributors and vendors, tips sites, places to sell photographs, associations & organizations, and photography events.