Cameras, Accessories, Computers, Software

Camera and Lens makers

Canon • One of the best known high quality camera makers. Like Nikon, it makes a very wide range of cameras, both SLR and point and shoot, along with lenses and all manner of accessories, not to mention copiers, printers and many other items not directly relevant to photography but often utilizing the same expertise in lensmaking.

Hasselblad USA • Probably a bit of a stretch for most amateurs or entry level professionals, but a top producer of large format cameras. If you don't want one yet, you will.

Kodak • Best known as a venerable producer of camera film, Kodak also produces many cameras and other imaging equipment. Its line of point and shoot digital cameras is broad and well regarded.

LDP LLC • Infra red and ultraviolet cameras and conversion services to adapt cameras to photographing in IR and UV ranges.

Littman • Four by five inch large format film camera. Shoots only one shot per film. Highly rated large format camera.

Nikon USA • The US site for Japanese manufacturer Nikon, one of the top tier of camera and lens makers (along with a wide range of accessories). Among cameras, Nikon produces a wide range of digital point and shoot, Digital SLRs, and some of the top film cameras. Its lenses are among the highest regarded as well.

Olympus • Offers a narrower range of products than Nikon or Canon but still has a highly regarded line of DSLRs and point and shoot digital cameras and a long history with film cameras.

Panasonc Lumix • Panasonic is a venerable and highly diversified producer of consumer electronics. Its Lumix line of point and shoot and interchangeable lens cameras competes for the lower to mid range of the market. This division is also responsible for digital photo projectors.

Pentax Imaging • Mid range line of digital cameras and digital SLRs and also special sports optics products.

Sony • Sony is perhaps the most acclaimed digital graphics company among all consumer electronics producers. Its line of cameras, including a huge range of point and shoot and the Alpha line of DSLRs is complemented by printing, lenses and graphic processing computers.

Lenses and Filters

Hoya Filters • Hoya specializes in camera lens filters, including simple protective filters, light correction: haze and polarizers; color filters and special effects filters.

Sigma • One of the best known third party lens makers. Produces a wide range of lenses from wide angle to very long telephoto lenses for Canon, Nikon, and other SLR and DSLR bodies. Sigma also produces some third party flash units and has begun to manufacture a large image size point and shoot digital camera, the DP1.

Tamrom • makes and distributes photographic and closed circuit television lenses. The photographic lenses are compatible with the best known Digital SLRs and some incorporate vibration reduction.

THK Photo Products • The North American distributor for Tokina lenses, Kenko accessories, Hoya filters and Slik tripods. Subsidiary of Tokina, a Japanese lens manufacturer with lenses fitting several major DSLR bodies.

Tiffen • is a filter manufacturing and distributing company, making a range of general purpos filters including protective, haze, polarizing and colored filters. The US distributing company also handles Davis and Sanford Tripods, Stroboframe flash frames, Domke camera bags, Steadicam camera stabilizing systems, and the Tiffen photo editing software package (Dfx).


Alien Bees • Ring type flash units which mount around the lens of the camera, manufactured by Paul C Buff.

Alzo Digital • Specialized lighting systems for photographing jewelry and small items, bounce flash units for wedding and event photography, and studio portrait lighting and accessories. Also produces a flash trigger for flash syncrhonization.

Calumet Photo • not only retails a wide range of photographic equipment but also markets its own line of monolights and reflector stands - the Genesis lighting line.

Dyna-Lite • Portable and studio flash units, battery packs.

elinchrom • Compact and larger studio lighting and flash units, battery powered flash and flash synchronization systems.

Expo Imaging • Produces compact Ray Flash Ring Light - a flash unit in a ring shape which surrounds the lens as well as custom white balance adjustment equipment.

Honl Photo • Accessories for shoe mount strobe flash units, especially Nikon and Canon speed light types.

MicroSync Digital • Radio transmittor for controlling and synchronizing strobe flash units. Can also fire the camera as well.

Norman Lighting • Monolights and power packs, lens shade systems, and portrait photo management systems.

PocketWizard • Radio transmittor for remote firing of camera and flash units.

Quantum • Flash units, batteries, synchronizing units.

Sto-Fen • Bounce flash specialists make and distribute flash accessores: diffusers, reflectors, color bounce.

White Lightning • Zeus and other high intensity flash products for the professional, by Paul C Buff.

Light Metering

Sekonic • Stand alone digital light meters and software to calibrate and coordinate ttl metering built into cameras using system oriented digital light meters.

Digital Media

Buffalo • Manufactures flash media and computerized storage devices, such as large capacity hard disk drive systems useful for archiving digital photographs.

Lexar • Manufactures specialized digital storage media used in most digital cameras: SD, XD, compact flash and similar media.

EZ PnP • Manufactures battery and AC powered devices which copy directly from flash and camera storage media (SD, Compact Flash) to writeable CDs or DVDs.

Tripods & Monopods

Bogen Imaging • Makes perhaps the best known line of tripods, Bogen, also known as Manfrotto, makes distinct tripod and head lines, including a wide range of three way pan/swivel heads.

Cullman • These tripods are distributed in the US by RTS Inc., which imports and distributes other specialty photo equipment as well including camera bags, underwater camera housings and other specialty equipment. It is manufactured by Cullman Gmbh of Germany.

Davis &l Sanford • Is a line of light and “prosumer” tripods, distributed in the US by Tiffen.

Giottos • Distributed in the US by HP Marketing, makes a line of tripods, heads and lighting stands.

Monostat • Telescoping monopod with special stabilizing foot.

Really Right Stuff • Tripods, clamps, off camera flash mounts and other brackets.

Slik • Tripods for still and broadcast cameras, also monopods.

Trek-Tech • Makes a line of “pods” for camera stabilization. Its signature product folds into a hiking stick, serves as a nomopod and has three legs which open on the lower end to make a tripod.

Other Accessories

Delkin Devices • Makes a range of protective shells, cleaners, battery charges, storage media, reader/adapters, and high capacity Blu-Ray archival systems.

Hoodman Corporation • Makes a selection of viewfinder and LCD accessories: loups, right angle view finders, view finder hoods, and also distributes some memory accessories.

Supplies • Toner and ink suppliers for photo printers and all other manner of printers.

Midwest Photographic Supplies • Albums, texturing machines and other supplies especially for event photographers.

Studio, Lab Items and Supplies

Backdrop Outlet • Not only studio backdrops but all manner of studio equipment, digital backgrounds, stands, lighting, props and more.

Badge a Minit • Manually operated device and supplies to make photo buttons and badges.

Denny Manufacturing • Bills itself and the world's largest manufacturer of hand painted studio backgrounds. Also sells background stands, posing stools, lighting stands, props and other studio specialties.

Perfection Distributing • Albums, folios, mounts, frames and a range of lab supplies.

Photographers Edge • Frames, matts, albums, displays and a wide range of profit building items for photographers. Additionally sells equipment, custom imprinted cards and offers lab services.

Cases and Bags

Billingham Camera Bag • Originally makers of fishing bags, they discovered their creels were being used as camera bags and changed their focus. Leather and synthetic bags in classic shapes with flexible dividers/compartments.

Kata • Manufactures widely varied line of camera and video cam bags, including backpack, waist pack, over the shoulder and sling bags incorporating padding and protection from the elements. Also makes straps and other special fabric products for photographers.

Lowepro • Manufactures and distributes wide lines of camera, computer and video camera bags, in backpack, waist pack, over the shoulder and sling form factors. The bags incorporate padding and protection from the elements.

Pelican • Manufactures special carrying cases for cameras and video equipment. Built with protecting the contents in mind.

Shootsac • Stylish camera bags in shapes similar to large purses or fabric shopping bags, but still incorporating padded pockets and other features important to photographers.

Tamrac • One of the best known manufacturers of camera bags, its backpack lines vary between medium, heavy and extra heavy duty. It has several lines devoted to the adventure/travel photogrpaher.

Think Tank • Makes travel cases and bags for cameras, especially tending toward hard shell cases and rolling luggage type bags but also including soft cases.

Weather Protection

Aquatech • Weather protective gear for both equipment and photographers, including camera and lens protective covers, camera encasements, jackets, and bags.

Computer Hardware

Wacom Pen and Tablet • Pen and tablet type mouse controls for use with photo editing and other graphic programs.

Computer Software

Alien Skin Software • Widely used and acclaimed plugins for Photoshop, Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro.

Graphic Authority • Photoshop add-ons: photo edges, frames, brushes, backgrounds, and templates.

Microsoft Expression Media • Software suite to catalog photos across computers and external media, to facilitate finding photos, particularly storage intense raw files.

On One Software • Offers a series of photoshop tools either separately or packaged in its full toolkit set: Plug-in Suite 4

Pantone Color Control • Monitor color calibration and color correction software.

Time Exposure • Software mainly aimed at the business aspects of photography - work flow, IP protection, sales.

X Rite Photo • X-Rite makes ColorMunki and other color calibration and correction software packages as well as some high scale scanning equipment and viewing booths.